14 Nov 2016

CrossFit Girl “Diane”

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
225/150 lbs Deadlifts
Handstand Push Ups

Diane is my favorite WOD and it was first CrossFit girl workout that I was able to finish under 3 minutes. I was able to finish it in 2:58 and it was in 2014 and I am already looking forward for repeat.

What is good time for CrossFit Girl WOD Diane?

Accroding to our app good time for Diane is 5 min and 29 seconds with good time cap of 9 minutes.

You will get about the same data from BTWB where time of 5:15 is better than 75% of the people and being faster than 9:00 time cap will get you into top 25% of the people.

From my experience I don’t know much people who are able to finish Diane under 5:00 because they are strong and they can do all deadlifts easily or they are light and they will get stuck on deadlifts while doing all HSPUs only in few sets.

How to get good time in Diane?

Before starting Diane try to think about how much 225 lbs deadlifts and HSPU you can do unbroken fresh. If you can do at least 30 reps unbroken when you are fresh you should try to do all 21-15-9 sets unbroken in that movement.

On other hand if for example your best unbroken set of HSPU is 16 reps, you should do quick sets of just 25-50% of max unbroken reps, in this case it would small sets of 4-8 reps. It would be much faster than doing set of 12 HSPU and then finish it with sets of 3 because your shoulders are smoked.


You won’t probably be as good as Dan Bailey, he even went for strict HSPU to have faster time!

If you want to get best time possible in WOD Diane try to follow recommended rep schemes. And rest for only about 3-7 seconds between sets, if you need more time you have probably done too big set. If you can survive the intensity you should be able to finish Diane under 5:00 following these rep schemes.

Max unbroken set of Recommended reps for sets of
225 lbs Deadlifts or HSPU 21 15 9
30 or more Unbroken Unbroken Unbroken
21-29 12+9 8+7 9
15-20 8+7+6 6+5+4 5+4
10-14 6+6+5+4 4+4+4+3 4+3+2
10 or less 3*7 3*5 3*3

Few more quick tips to get good Diane time

    • Quick touch and go reps on deadlifts


    • Go all out after set of 15 deadlifts


    • Great kipping HSPU technique will save you a lot of energy


    • Don’t rest in the handstand, get back to the feet


    • Diane is short, don’t rest!


  • Good luck and share your time in the comments

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