19 Aug 2018

CrossFit Girl WOD “Hope”

3 rounds of:
1 Min of Burpees
1 Min of Power Snatches, 75/55 lbs
1 Min of Box Jumps, 24″/20″
1 Min of Thrusters, 75/55 lbs
1 Min of Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
1 Min of Rest

Good score to beat for Hope:
Beginner: 8 Burpees + 4 Snatches + 12 Box Jumps + 6 Thrusters + 4 C2B
Average: 10 Burpees + 6 Snatches + 14 Box Jumps + 8 Thrusters + 6 C2B
Advanced: 15 Burpees + 10 Snatches + 18 Box Jumps + 12 Thrusters + 12 C2B
Elite: 18 Burpees + 18 Snatches + 22 Box Jumps + 15 Thrusters + 19 C2B
Regional: 22 Burpees + 25 Snatches + 30 Box Jumps + 22 Thrusters + 24 C2B

What is Hope?

Hope is one of the newest CrossFit Girls benchmark workouts (WODs) first introduced in 2012.

The Hope is done in a Fight gone bad format where you do 1 movement for a full minute, trying to do as many reps as possible and then move to the next movement. Last 6th interval is rest. You repeat that for 3 rounds for a total of 18 minutes.

What is a good score for Hope?

According to the WOD Time Calculator and adjusted a little with fatigue by me the good score to beat ranges (from beginner to regional athlete) between 8-22 burpees, 4-15 snatches, 12-30 box jumps, 6-22 thrusters, 4-24 chest to bars.

For a total of 102 reps for a beginner, 132 reps for an average athlete, 267 reps for an advanced athlete, 356 reps for an elite athlete and 482 reps for a regional athlete.

How to get a good score in Hope?

There is a difference between going all out (highest power output) in the workout and trying to get an as high score as possible.

If your goal is the highest power output, you should do each movement at 90-95% and push in the last round.

If your goal is the highest score possible, you should be smart about what movement you will do at 70% and what movements at 100% as some of the movement are faster to perform.

The following strategy will be for the highest score possible.


Each round starts with burpees, and you are doing them when you have a lot of energy. Don’t fall for that trap! Go slowly on burpees.

There is no reason to rush on the burpees as they take a long time to give you one rep and will fatigue you a lot.

Do about five fewer burpees then you would typically do in the WOD per minute (even in the first round).

Power Snatches

Here comes the fun! Lightweight power snatches are one of the few movements where you can ramp up the score.

Forget about proper technique, keep straight back and do unbroken muscle snatches (or use little legs for power snatch, see Randy at Regionals) and hold on the bar for a full minute.

If you can’t hold the power snatches for a full minute, then try to do them in quick bursts of five reps.

Box Jumps

This is another movement where you can vastly improve your total score.

Hold the high pace for as long as you can. If you need a rest, change to step down or rest on the top of the box and continue doing rebounding style.

Make sure to do the box jumps until the very end of the minute. You will rest a little before thrusters.


If you followed the guide here, you are probably feeling miserable after 2 minutes of going all out.

Now it is time to rest. You should still do a few thrusters as every rep, but there is no need to push beyond your limits. You should try to recover for the chest to bar pull-ups.

Chest to bar pull-ups

This is the last part of the round. You will have a long 1-minute rest after you finish chest to bar pull-ups.

In theory, you are able to do about ~60 unbroken butterfly chest to bar pull-ups, but we know that won’t happen.

Don’t do a massive set and then a few small sets unless you are in the last round. A better approach is to set a goal of total reps per minute, divide that by 6 and try to do that many reps in each set.

Small reps with minimal rest in between will allow you to get through smoothly.

For example, if I would like to hit 30 reps, I would do only sets of 5 and probably hit about 25-30 reps at the end of the minute in each round.

If I decide to do 30 reps but do 20 reps + 2 small sets of 6 and 4, I will get tired and won’t be able to hit so many reps in the 2nd and 3rd round.

So, be smart about the pull-ups, go all out but in small sets with minimal rest to get the best score possible.


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