21 Aug 2018

CrossFit Girl WOD “Jackie”

For Time
1000 m Row
50 Thrusters 45 lbs
30 Pull Ups

Good time to beat for Jackie: </p>

11 min 11 sec – Fitness Level 0 – Beginner athlete
10 min 17 sec – Fitness Level 25 – Beginner athlete
09 min 23 sec – Fitness Level 50 – Average athlete
07 min 56 sec – Fitness Level 75 – Average athlete
07 min 02 sec – Fitness Level 90 – Advanced athlete
06 min 29 sec – Fitness Level 95 – Advanced athlete
05 min 53 sec – Fitness Level 98 – Elite athlete
05 min 19 sec – Fitness Level 100 – Regional athlete

What is Jackie?

Jackie is CrossFit Girl benchmark workout. Jackie was programmed for the first time during 2009 on the main site.

Jackie consists of just one round and only three movements. The workout starts with 1000m row, followed by 50 lightweight thrusters and is finished with 30 pull-ups.

At first sight, Jackie looks easy (and she is) unless you are trying to go as fast as you can. There is a massive difference between trying to finish Jackie slowly (2:10/500m on rower), taking rest on thrusters or trying to finish Jackie as fast as you can (1:30-1:40/500m on rower), blazing through thrusters and doing all pull-ups unbroken.

What is a good time for Jackie?

According to our app, a good time to beat for Jackie is 5:19 for a Regional athlete, 7:02 for an advanced athlete and 11:11 for a beginner.

For example, at Regionals 2013 Jason Khalipa has finished Jackie in blazing fast 5:04, and from that time, there were even a few people who were able to finish Jackie under 5 minutes.

How to get a good time in Jackie?

There are two kinds of people who do Jackie. Those who are able to do Jackie unbroken and those who have to take multiple sets on thrusters and pull-ups.

Both require a slightly different strategy.

At first, I will go through all three movements, and then I will focus on different target times for Jackie.


The WOD Jackie starts with 1000 m row. Everyone is full of energy, and many will fail there because they will start way too fast.

You have to row fast in Jackie as row takes about 50% of the workout, but you shouldn’t row at your 1K PR pace.

My suggestion is to hold about 90% of your 1K PR pace or 95-98% of your 2K PR pace. Your heart rate should be high when you get out of the rower but still manageable.


It doesn’t matter if you want to do all thrusters unbroken or not, you should always do them quickly.

Holding on the barbell at all cost, doing all thrusters unbroken and going very slowly is not worth. It will slow your final time a lot.

A much better approach is to split thrusters into multiple quick sets where you can do thrusters at your air squats speed. It won’t be easy after rowing 1000 m, but you should be able to do it.

If you find yourself slowing down, drop the bar, do two steps back and forth, pick up the barbell and continue with quick reps.


This is the last movement of the workout. If you know, you can string 30 pull-ups unbroken, go for it. Even if you fail, you will still do at least 20 and then finish with a few small quick sets.

But if your max pull-ups set is about 20 reps, you should do all pull-ups in at least 3-4 sets. It is much better to do 8+8+7+7 than going for 15 and then finishing with 5 sets of 3.

You can even go for lower sets if you struggle with pull-ups. For example, some of you may need to even go for 10 sets of 3 with a quick rest in between as your body will be fatigued and it will be much faster than doing something like 10+6+4+10×1.

Target time 7-12 minutes

In this case, you don’t need to do everything unbroken, and you may slow down a little on the rower.

Rowing at 2:00/500m pace will allow you to finish row in exactly 4 minutes, your heart rate should be ok, and you shouldn’t feel too tired.

If you can do it, do all thrusters unbroken, but as I said earlier, it should be faster to do 3 quick sets of 20+15+15 than trying to do 50 slow thrusters.

You don’t need to go unbroken on pull-ups, but you should aim to finish them in about 90-150 seconds. You should be able to do that even with 6 sets of 5.

Target time under 7 minutes

Finishing Jackie under 7 minutes is not an easy task. You have to be very fit for that.

To get time under 7 minutes, you have to be fast on the rower. You should try to hold at least pace of 1:45/500m and about 1:35/500m if you aim for under 6 minutes.

Thrusters should be the most comfortable movement for you. They should be done fast and unbroken. The only problem for you should be a mental barrier to finish all 50 reps in pace. You can try to count smaller sets of 5 reps, to have small goals and get through all thrusters quickly.

For under 7 minutes, you can do pull-ups in three quick sets, but if you aim for a time under 6 minutes, you should do one large and one small set or even do them all unbroken.


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